"A small and ancient village, with few houses and a little church. Rusina is the “sartoira”, the seamstress of the village. She’s young but she knows how to sew the most beautiful clothes, for the wedding dresses. How many wedding dresses she sewed, how many voiles covered the hair of the young girls of the village, crossing the door of the “San Roc” church. “When will it happen to me?” Rosina is thinking, dreaming of the man that will marry her."
Piemonte DOC Bonarda
Grape Variety

Cultivation system: espalier cultivation - guyot pruning
Yield per hectare: 9.500 kg
Soil: sandy and clayey
Harvesting: manual

Fermentation case: stainless steel, temperature-controlled tanks
Fermentation temperature: 26/28°C
Fermentation time: 5/6 days
Malolactic fermentation at 20°C
Refermentation in pressure tanks up to 1,4 bar

Tasting Notes
Colour: ruby red
Flavour: mild and fruity, with notes of raspberry, cherry and rose
Taste: harmonious and full
Serving temperature: 18°C
Food pairing: highly adaptable. Superb with meat based dishes

Alcoholic Content
12.5% vol

Ageing potential
Excellent during the first two years following the grape harvest