Our values
The strength of generations and of tradition.

Antiche Cantine Borgo Lame represents, first of all, the story of a family that based its education on the transmission of ancient wisdoms, of patient waiting, and of rewarded efforts. Today an alliance between old and new generations allows to renew the past while welcoming future innovations. Borgo Lame is the story of an ancient village and its people, whose essential values are love for Nature, simplicity, and authenticity.
The dedication for land also results in an environmentally sustainable development. The traditional cultivation in the vineyards is practiced with the support of natural eco-friendly technologies: herbicides and chemical fertilizers are not used; self-production of electricity needed for production phases is made possible thanks to an innovative photovoltaic system that reduces daily emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; all the water necessary to production cycles is extracted, extremely pure, from the ancient family-owned water well.