"A small ancient village, with few houses and a little church. Margherita, Ghita, born in 1920, is Giaiet’s wife . Her life is devoted to the family, the vineyard and home. She is always back home before the other members of the family, to prepare lunch. She is the one cultivating roses among the rows of Arneis."
Roero Arneis DOCG
Grape Variety

Cultivation system: espalier cultivation - guyot pruning
Yield per hectare: 7.500 kg
Soil: sandy and clayey
Harvesting: manual

Removal of grape stalks and cooling at 10/12°C
Cold maceration for 10/12 h
Soft pressing at 1 Atm
Natural decantation for 12 h
Fermentation case: stainless steel, temperature-controlled tanks
Fermentation temperature: 15/16°C (with selected yeasts inoculation)
Fermentation time: 15/16 days
Ageing: 2/3 months sur-lie

Tasting Notes
Colour: pale straw yellow with greenish reflections
Flavour: fresh and persistent, with hints of green apple and apricot, pineapple and the typical almond note at the end
Taste: dry and delicate
Serving temperature: 8/10°C
Food pairing: hors d'oeuvres, fish, cold dishes

Alcoholic Content
13% vol

Ageing potential
Excellent during the first two years following the grape harvest